Rules and Such

On the whole the rules we’ll be using are D&D3.5e. If you’d like a copy, I have them available. I like to keep the rules mostly in the background, so after character creation, don’t worry about things too much. A bunch of extra Feats will be available to choose from. If you want to use some non-standard feat (i.e. not from the PHB), let me okay it first.

If you’ve never played D&D before, then most of this won’t make much sense. That’s okay! Just start thinking about what kind of character you’d like to play, perhaps based on some fantasy or adventure stereotype you like.

New Rules

  • The most important difference from a standard 3.5e game is that we’ll be using Ryan Stoughton’s excellent E6 rules variant. Basically, characters only level from 1-6, then stop. Each 5000xp after that, you get a new feat. So keep this in mind when designing characters! Prestige Classes are welcome, but you’ll likely only be able to take 1 level before you max out (so think of it like finally getting into the club after years of hard work). Feats that have impossible prerequisites are right out, as are 4-9th level spells in most situations. If some higher-level spell becomes essential for the campaign, perhaps some sort of ritualistic casting can be worked out.
  • The second most important variant I’ll be using is the addition of Action Points. The rules I’ll use are more or less right out of the Eberron Campaign Setting.
  • Alchemy plays a much larger role in my campaign world (called Ivalice, in case you’re wondering) than in standard D&D. This is especially useful to your characters, since the availability of high-level magic will be somewhat limited.

Modified Rules

  • Every race gets Favoured Class: Any, because multiclassing rules are bogus. You’ll still take a penalty for your third or fourth class though, because that would be crazy.
  • Paladins need-not be Lawful Good; they may also be Lawful Neutral. If this is the case, they get Detect Chaos instead of Detect Evil as a class ability, and radiate an aura of Law instead of Good.
  • I detest the Sorcerer class and the Bard class as presented in the PHB. They are underpowered. Therefore, I have created my own beefed-up versions, which will replace the old ones. I can give you a hard copy of these rules if you’d like.
  • The Feats Toughness and Spell Focus are modified from their PHB versions. Greater Spell Focus no longer exists. A whole bunch of new feats are also available.
  • The spell Identify now has no material component costs, but requires a Spellcraft or Knowledge (Arcana) check (caster’s choice). The amount of information you get depends upon your check results.

Campaign-Specific Stuff

  • New characters start at 1st level. We’ll be using 4d6 drop the lowest to generate stats. Since resurrection is a slim possibility, you’ll probably have to do this more than once. Since there’s no single party, and characters will be at a variety of levels depending how often they play, starting fresh at 1st won’t be such a big deal. Plus you get the chance to develop a whole new character!
  • We won’t be having weekly sessions, we’ll also (hopefully!) have far too many players to have everyone play at every session. The idea is for players who want to play on any particular night to get a group of like-mindeds together, and let me know. Give me a couple day’s notice though! The Party Organization Forum will hopefully be useful for this.
  • Please come up with some sort of a backstory and picture for you character, and post them in the Character tab. Post the tales of your adventures to the Adventure Log. This will (hopefully) simulate the large group of adventurers all staying at The D&D, talking, hatching plans together, boasting, and trying to one-up each other (even if all in good fun).

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Rules and Such

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