The Graveyard


It’s a damn shame when a buddy falls in battle, I’ve done seen more than my fair share. Best we can do is remember ‘em over a good hard drink. These Farlon folk bury their dead in the caverns, in the bluffs that split Hightown and Lowtown. Ain’t none of my friends down there, but I’ll tell ya of a few I remember…

Guybrush Threepwood

The Graveyard is a place to, gods forbid, recount the last adventures of your fallen characters. We might uses this space for MIA characters and characters that just couldn’t deal with the stresses of adventuring life as well. In other words, characters that are “retired” for any reason can have their final tales spun here. Please post below this text so as not to mess up the alignment with the picture, with the newest retirements first.

Some of Guybrush’s old friends get us started (for those that have played with me before, these should bring back some memories :)

  • Unnamed Dragonman (date unknown): Buried alive after his companions were slain by a malicious group of travelling adventurers. He would have talked!!
  • Carl Vanderhoff (April 14th of the year 942): Carl adventured with Thy Heroic Adventuring Party, as recounted in The Tales of an Adventurous Journey, by The Bardmaster Baron Algust von Shleppinstein. Carl was a stalwart companion, contributing his healing abilities and his capable arm to battle, as well as acting much as a face for the party. Unfortunately Carl met his demise but two weeks after the party’s initial quest, falling at the vicious claws of two bloodthirsty Owlbears. Having just liberated a keep from a band of Goblinoids and with the entire party weak from battle, the Owlbears, in a frenzy at the scent of blood, ambushed the group in the Dar Wood just aside the tower. Even as the group fought bravely to best the fell beasts, they could do little but watch as the two descended upon Carl, ripping him to shreds in a mere instant. This sacrifice was not in vain however, as it gave the remainder of the party the time they needed to regroup and defeat the creatures. Carl’s body was returned to the town of Darwood in the Kingdom of Elm, where it was burned at the church of Pelor—some say returning his spirit to the windswept mountains from whence it came.
  • George the Fighter (date unknown): Was torn limb-from-limb by a creature time has forgotten. The sight of this drove his poor twin brother, George the Archer, completely insane. From then on George (the Archer) wore his brother’s head as a hat, refusing to acknowledge this as unbecoming or as a detriment to the party.
  • Ogrim Bladestorm (date unknown): A half-orc paladin of some renown; Ogrim met his fate at the maw of a giant lizard. Seemingly secured with a strong-looking chain, the lizard’s tongue was more than long enough to snatch Ogrim from at least 20 feet away.
  • Richter Belmont (date unknown): Hailing from the village of Simpleville, Richter was only beginning his adventuring career when he fell to the flaming sphere of a insane druid. Very fond of alchemist’s fire, it proved to be Richter’s undoing, as during the battle the burning sphere of magical fire rolled right up into the tree that Richter was (or so he thought) skillfully hiding in. Surrounded by the foliage, Richter’s gear caught aflame much more quickly than one would think, and the (apparently thin) glass of the alchemist’s vials melted, covering the Sorcerer/Rogue in the terrible burning goo within.

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The Graveyard

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