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Welcome dear friend to The Dungeon and Dragon, finest Alehouse in all of Farlon! (Not that there’re many, but believe you me, The D&D is nonetheless for it) Whether a traveller from distant lands or an old regular, take off that heavy cloak and take a seat by the roaring fire. Bardmaster Baron Algust von Shleppinstein at your service! I have made my residence in this quaint and sleepy town for some time, and am happy to act as your guide. For example, proprietor of this fine establishment is one Mr. Guybrush Threepwood, a retired adventurer who just happened to be passing through town. He is said to have won the place in a game of cards, and you would do well to keep that in mind in your dealings with him. Now, as to the matter at hand! I take it that you are a sort of adventurer yourself—not something one sees often in these days, especially around these parts. No doubt news of Guybrush’s discovery of The Map of the Round reached your ears, and you’ve come to confirm the rumor yourself. Indeed it is true, and such explains the recent upsurge in travellers of an adventurous sort. The Great Wilds extend almost unendingly (so is said) to the southwest of town, and so far its ancient secrets remain largely unspoiled…

Moving Out of Game For a Moment…

This will be a sandbox-style campaign in the model of the remarkable West Marches Campaign developed by game designer Ben Robbins. The strength of this style is that it is Player-controlled. The (hopefully numerous!) PCs make up the adventuring population of the region, and sessions occur only upon player request. There are no pre-defined adventuring parties or weekly sessions; instead, if you feel like playing get some other PCs together and give me a couple day’s notice.

This is where this website becomes so important to the campaign. Because the world will be persistent, and everyone is exploring the same region but not necessarily always with the same people, there needs to be a central place for everyone to share their exploits, discuss future excursions into the wild, for me to make general announcements, and just to generally keep things organized. The Wiki has all the relevant information about Farlon, NPCs in town, and well-known history of the area. As new tidbits of information discovered in the Wilds become “common knowledge” I will add them. Please add information about and a picture of your character on the Characters tab above. When you or your party returns from an adventure, you’re encouraged to boast of your exploits using the Adventure Log tab. Take this as characters telling fireside stories over a pint at The D&D. I won’t use the Forum or Maps, since the former requires a paid subscription, and the latter has a lousy interface. Maps are all on the relevant Wiki pages! Finally, the awesome illustrations of Farlon and The D&D are by crazyred over at D&D Doodle.

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